3 Meal Ration VEGAN 594g

Vegan ration packs are available now! From Vegan 3 meal pack you can find Rice and Veggies, Veggie Wok and Noodles and Moroccan Lentils Pot. For snacks you can find rye bread, fruit stripes and freeze dried apple chips. Enjoy hot tea or coffee with your meals. Tactical Foodpack is the best freeze-dried food for camping, hiking and outdoor adventures.

Remember – you are here, right now! So don’t feel hungry!

The package contains the following :

  • Rice and Veggies – net weigh 100 g, energy content per portion 520 kcal
  • Veggie Wok and Noodles – net weight 100 g, energy content per portion 503 kcal
  • Moroccan Lentils Pot- net weight 110 g, energy content per portion 480 kcal
  • Bread – net weight 100 g, energy content per portion 262 kcal
  • Freeze Dried Apples– net weight 15 g, energy content per portion 54 kcal
  • Fruit stripes Black Currant- net weigh 50 g, energy content per portion 174 kcal
  • Coffee – net weight 2.4 g
  • Sugar – net weight 6 g, energy content per portion 23.7 kcal
  • English Breakfast Bio-Organic Tea
  • Spoon
  • Drinking Cup
  • Tactical Shower 15 g
  • Disinfection Swab x 3

Best before:
8 year for meals
3 year for snacks


Energy per serving 8464 kJ / 2017 kcal
Energy per 100g 2397 kJ / 570 kcal
Fat per serving 69.1 g
Fat per 100g 14 g
Saturated fat per serving 4.9 g
Saturated fat per 100g 1 g
Carbohydrates per serving 396.8 g
Carbohydrates per 100g 59 g
Carbohydrates sugar per serving 91.1 g
Carbohydrates sugar per 100g 18 g
Protein per serving 40.5 g
Protein per 100g 8 g
Salt per serving 10.7 g
Salt per 100g 2 g


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