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Frequently asked questions


How do I prepare a Tactical Foodpack meal?

#1 with hot water – open the foodpack, take out the absorber, pour in hot water, stir, close the package and wait 10 minutes.
#2 on fire – open the foodpack, take out the absorber, pour in cold water and place foodpack over a small flame.
#3 with heater bag – open the foodpack, take out the absorber, pour in cold water, close the package place foodpack into heater bag.
#4 with a pot or pan – to cook your meal in a pan, pour the food into the pan, add cold water, bring to the boil, turn off the heat and wait.
#5 with cold water – open the foodpack, take out the absorber, pour in cold water and wait 20 minutes (the meal will be cold but same nutritional as warm meal).

How much water will I need?

It depends on the product and is written on the package. We recommend to add water gradually and stir, add more water if needed.

Can I use TF meals in minus conditions or at high altitudes?

We intentionally set out to design a range of meals that could be rehydrated and eaten straight from the pouch wherever you are in the world, just by adding boiling water.

However, rehydration does take longer at higher altitudes, and heat cools faster than normal in sub-zero conditions. The best way to rehydrate food in these conditions is to follow the pan method on the packet. In extreme cold, it avoids the problem of pouches freezing before they are fully rehydrated.


What about allergies and dietary requirements? 

All of the allergens are written on the packaging. In the e-shop you can filter out products that do not have lactose, gluten or meat in the ingredients. However, all our products may contain small amount of lactose and gluten as the products are made in the same facility.

Where do you source your ingredients?

Our suppliers give us the following information as origin of our vegetables: Canada, USA, Europe / Eastern Europe and Argentina. The meat comes from Europe.

Do you add chemicals or preservatives to your food? 

No. Because we freeze-dry our food and then store it in pouches which oxygen, moisture and sunlight cannot penetrate. Hence we achieve a healthy shelf-life without the need for preservatives or high levels of salt. We do add a pinch of salt and a twist of pepper to our meals, but only to season, just as you would at home.

Do you use E551 in your meals?

No, we don’t use E551 in our food.

I am going on a multi-day hike, how much food should I take per day?

No worries, friend, we have got you covered with the hiking calories calculator – Tactical Foodpack Product Picker. Use Product Picker to find out how many calories you need for your adventure and get product suggestions:


How is freeze-dried food made? 

Tactical Foodpack meals are at first cooked like you do at home, then frozen in a special freeze-drying machine, where the pressure is lowered and vacuum is created. Ice is removed by sublimation which means that water is removed from the food from solid state directly into gaseous state without liquefying. This process is done through several drying phases. In the end, moisture content is below 5%. 

Is freeze dried food healthy? 

The technology itself helps to preserve all the nutrients, which is better than dehydrated food. We make our food from carefully selected natural ingredients without any additives or preservatives. 

Shelf life

What is the shelf life of TF meals?
Shelf-life of TF freeze-dried meals is 8 years from production date and for mueslis 4 years from production date. Shelf-life for snacks is 3, 4, or 8 years depending on the product. You will find this information on the product page description and package.

Where can I see the best before date in the webshop before buying a product?

Unfortunately we can not give you a specific date of expiry as we have a wide variety products with varying amounts up to tens of thousands in stock, and the stock balance is in constant change as products leave the warehouse to our resellers and direct customers, and new batches come in from the production. This is a constant cycle.

Some products stay in stock longer, some for a shorter period of time, depending of the demand. Most of the products don’t stay in stock for longer than 12 months after production and there are very few exceptions (e.g. vegan products and other type of specialty menu products that are lower in demand than regular products).

All of our products are sold with the disclaimer about their shelf-life notifying a customer about the fact that the shelf-life of the products start from the production, not the transaction.

If a date of expiry of a specific product is important to you, we can only suggest you contact or visit one of our resellers. The list of our resellers is available at

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Can I eat the TF meal after 8 years?

Yes, TF meals can be eaten after 8 years. Freeze-dried foods have very low water activity and microorganisms are not able to grow there, so there is no microbiological risk. However, there is risk of fat oxidation that can cause undesirable taste and smell which evolves over time.


Why don’t you have bio packages? 

As our products have relatively long shelf-life (3, 4, or 8 years), we cannot use materials that do not have high barriers.

How can I recycle TF package? 

Unfortunately most of our packages cannot be recycled as we use composite materials to preserve the shelf-life. Some of our products that do not require high barriers, have recycling mark on packaging and it means that it can be thrown to packaging recycle bin. You can be creative to re-use TF packages as trash bags, freezer bags, outdoors coffee/tea cup or what ever comes to your mind.

Is the Weekpack bucket waterproof? 

Yes, the plastic bucket is waterproof. If you do not care about plastic and waterproof, you can also choose greener version without plastic bucket (it will be in cardboard box).

What temperatures can the weekpack alpha bucket handle? 

The products are tested for 10 days at 60 °C which covers storage for above 6 months at room temperature and lower, including hotfill conditions and/ or heating up to 70 °C ≤ T ≤ 100 °C for maximum t = 120/2^((T-70)/10) minutes.

Non-food products

What is the the shelf life of the heater element?

Heater element has 3 years shelf-life.

Can I use heater bag multiple times?

Yes, one heater bag can be used at least 10 times.

Can I use heater bag water to make myself a cup of hot drink?

No, this water should be thrown away as harmful compounds that are not edible emit from heater element.

Is fire pot meant for one time use?

No, it can be used as long as there is gel, which can be up to 10 times, so 10 meals.

Does outdoor shower has an expiry date?

No. But you will probably start loving this product, so they will be in heavy use.


Where do you ship?

We ship all across Europe. Please visit the shipping page to learn more about countries, prices and details:

How quickly will you send my order?

Your orders are handled on business days Mon-Fri 10 AM – 5 PM.

  • If we have your ordered goods in stock, you’ll receive your order in 2 to 10 business days. During campaign periods, shipping might take longer.
  • If your ordered goods are out of stock, we will contact you to inform you of the first possible delivery time.
Retail locations

Do you have resellers?

Yes, we have resellers all across Europe. Please visit the store locator page, to find resellers in your country or city:

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How can I start selling Tactical Foodpack?

Please visit out B2B site to become a partner:

How can I become an affiliate/influencer/brand ambassador?

Please contact us: elina[at]

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