1 Meal Ration VEGAN 352g

If you open your Vegan 1 meal pack you can find delicious Sweet Potato Curry and rye bread. Increase your energy level with chocochino energy bar and Lemon flavored energy drink powder. Tactical Foodpack is the best freeze-dried food for camping, hiking and outdoor adventures.

Keep going! We know you can do it! 

The package contains the following :

  • Sweet Potato Curry – net weight 100 g, energy content per portion 470 kcal
  • Bread – net weight 100 g, energy content per portion 262 kcal
  • Energy Bar Chocochino – net weight 120 g, energy content per portion 570 kcal
  • Energy Drink Lemon – net weight 30 g, energy content per portion 114 kcal
  • Spoon
  • Disinfection Swab

Best before:

8 year for meal

2 year for snacks


Energy per serving 5961 kJ / 1416 kcal
Energy per 100g 1692 kJ / 402 kcal
Fat per serving 44.4 g
Fat per 100g 13 g
Saturated fat per serving 24.4 g
Saturated fat per 100g 7 g
Carbohydrates per serving 169.8 g
Carbohydrates per 100g 49 g
Carbohydrates sugar per serving 44.5 g
Carbohydrates sugar per 100g 13 g
Protein per serving 64.3 g
Protein per 100g 19 g
Salt per serving 5.9 g
Salt per 100g 2 g


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