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Tactical Foodpack

Food powers the body, mind and soul. We don’t take shortcuts with our products.

Tactical Foodpack Team

Could you imagine, that the idea of Tactical Foodpack outdoor food came from a medic? The founder and CEO of the company faced challenging conditions in his everyday work as a medic in the Estonian Special Operations Force.

In such complicated circumstances, sharing a nutritious meal with your teammates becomes priceless. Quality food that’s easy to prepare is essential when time and equipment are limited. Freeze-dried food is perfect when all you have is hot water and a spoon.

Products that hit the target, regardless of the mission

The food must be high-quality, energy-dense, and easily consumable on the go, with spill-free, resealable packaging for convenience during unexpected interruptions. Lightweight package is an absolute go, when you have to carry your meals on your back.

Made to power your adventures

Tactical Foodpack, designed for extreme situations, heats directly over a fire. Ideal for those on the move with limited time or equipment, it delivers a home-cooked meal in minutes. Bring the lightweight package of freeze-dried food to your next outdoor adventure for a taste of home, anywhere, anytime.

The Method and Technology

Freeze-drying preserves food’s nutrients and flavor, extending its shelf-life to 8 years without additives.

The history of freeze-drying food

Indigenous people in the Andes of South America discovered two centuries ago, that taking frozen foods high up in the mountains, where air pressure is lower, causes ice crystals to vaporize. Fifty years ago, during the Vietnam War, the US Army industrialized this method for their special forces, providing lightweight, high-nutrition food for soldiers. Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs) have been popular ever since.

Home cooked food for your next adventure

Tactical Foodpack meals begin with the preparation of balanced, preservative-free dishes that taste like homemade food. Our focus extends beyond calories, emphasizing flavor and appearance. After preparation, we freeze the meals and gently remove water in a vacuum chamber, retaining 99.7% of nutrients and taste. Just add water for a wholesome meal, or consume them as dry snacks in extreme conditions. Cold water can also be used, but hot water provides the best hot meal experience.