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All KIDS' outdoor meals and snacks are totally clean of nasties - no added preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours. None, whatsoever. Thanks to our unique freeze-dry technology, every single food item retains its original health benefits, delivering maximal nutrition without a sacrifice in taste or appearance.


You probably already know most of the common complaints among children when it comes to food. “Eww, it looks so weird!” Or, “Yuck! It tastes too healthy!” Etc. And while you probably have none of those complaints yourself, maybe you have one of your own: “No way am I letting my child eat that junk!” Well, you won’t have to worry about any of these with Kids’. They consist only of kids’ favourite recipes and snacks. They’re children-adored and parent-approved. This is what we mean by childproofing.


We’ve all felt the wrath of a hungry child, and we’re all aware never to let them get “hangry.” That’s why our Kids’ outdoor meals are specifically designed to be incredibly easy and fast to prepare. Just add water up to the line indicated on the package and wait for 10 minutes. It’s so easy that you can even get your children involved—they’ll be so proud of themselves for preparing their meal.


Explore our selection of combo packs, refills or single packs – and start packing for an adventure:

Perfect for little hikers, sailors, mountaineers, explorers, hot air ballooners, sun bears, pangolins, lemurs and anyone who enjoys the taste of a fun adventure.

Fun packs & gifts

All Kids’ meals, snacks and combos are packed in colourful and playful, award – winning packages. And even featuring cool little gifts, relating to nature, exploration and discovery.

Spice up your adventure!

Tip #1

Start by saying “we’re going on an adventure together”, as opposed to “I’m taking my children on a hiking trip.” Allow the kids to take part in the planning – let them have a say in everything from what you’ll be doing to what they can bring, like clothes, books, toys, and food.

Tip #2

Always make sure to pack the 10 essentials- survival items that hiking and Scouting organizations recommend for safe travel: navigation, headlamp, sun protection, first aid kit, knife, fire, shelter, extra food, extra water, extra clothes. Additional kid-friendly supplies are: wet wipes or tissues; lip balm; binoculars; magnifying glass; field guides (to point things out to kids); camera; and safety whistles for each child (and teach them what they are for and when to use them).

Tip #3

The best prerequisites for a successful family tour are diversity and good mood. Consider your trail options before heading out. Announce a treasure hunt or give them unexpected tasks along the way. Have them look for signs of wildlife (scat, bird holes in trees, fur) or count wildflower species and have them find things are bumpy, smelly, small, big, living, wet… just be and let your kids be creative! 

Tip #4

HIKING WITH KIDS = LOTS (AND LOTS) OF SNACKS. This is unquestionably one of the most important tips for hiking with kids. If you run out of snacks or — heaven forbid — you bring the wrong snacks, your family hiking trip will quickly become a disaster. Although the KIDS combopack also includes a healthy fruit snack, we recommend letting your children make up their own snack mix before going on a hike. It's important to have fun on the hike, and bringing your own snack pack is definitely fun. And then bring some extra (healthy) snacks of your own. We guarantee they'll end up eating them all :)