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Processing of customer’s personal data
o The Customer hereby gives their consent to to process the Customer’s personal data.

o is the controller on relevant personal data and transfers personal data required for payment to Montonio Finance OÜ as a processor.
o The Customer’s personal data entered by the Customer upon submitting an order and learned by are entered in our customer record and are used to perform relevant Sales Agreement and offer products to the Customer. The Customer consents to use of their contact details for the purpose of receiving offers from The Customer has the right at any time to request that they no longer receive any offers and/or that their contact details be erased from relevant database.
o Upon requesting payment card data, such security systems are used which conform with the average reasonable level applicable in relevant area of economic and professional activity.
o The Customer’s bank card data is not visible to To perform the transaction, the Customer is directed to a secure third party Montonio Finance OÜ environment. Upon payment, the Customer’s card details are entered by the Customer in the database located in Montonio Finance OÜ’s server and said data is likewise kept in Montonio Finance OÜ’s server. is not liable for any use of said data by Montonio Finance OÜ.
o The source of personal data and the basis for processing of personal data is the emergence, upon registration of an order in our online store, of a customer relationship subject to the User Terms and Conditions. Processing of personal data is a requirement of relevant contractual relationship.
o Personal data that are registered include the following: information on the Customer’s order, – personal ID code, surname, forename(s), street, house number, apartment number, urban community/city/town, zip code, telephone number, address, payment method –  agreement to the User Terms and Conditions, and agreement to sending of sales offers.
o Personal data is processed by’s owner Tactical Solutions GmbH, Siemensstraße 40, 40721 Hilden, Germany.
o Protection of the Customer’s personal data is ensured by adherence to all requirements prescribed by law.
o undertakes not to transfer registered personal data to such third parties which have not been noted in these User Terms and Conditions.
o The online store has the right to transfer the Customer’s personal data to third parties in cases where the obligation to process personal data derives from the law.
o The Customer has the right to check personal data concerning the Customer, to alter such data, or to request removal of the Customer’s personal data from’s or the delivery service provider’s record.
o The Customer gives their consent to the online store to send an order confirmation to the e-mail address entered upon submitting an order.
o The Customer gives their consent to the online store to send advertising materials and sales offers  to the Customer’s e-mail address entered upon submitting an order if the Customer upon submitting the order expressed their wish to receive such notices (by checking the relevant box).  The Customer has the right to withdraw said consent at a later time by sending an e-mail to that effect to shop(at),

Processing of personal data

Which personal data is processed?
o Name, telephone number, and e-mail;
o Delivery address;
o Bank account number;
o Cost of goods and services and payment related information (purchase history);
o Customer Support information.

For what purpose is personal data processed?
Personal data is used to manage the Customer’s orders and to deliver goods.
Purchase history information (purchase date, goods, quantity, customer information) is used to prepare an overview of purchased goods and services and to analyze customer preferences. The bank account number is used to return payments to the Customer. Personal data such as e-mail, telephone number, and the Customer’s name are processed for the purpose of resolving issues related to provision of goods and services (Customer Support). An online store user’s IP address or other network identifiers are processed for the purpose of providing an online store service, i.e. an information society service, and preparing web use statistics. 

Legal basis
Processing of personal data is undertaken for the purpose of performing the agreement concluded with the Customer.
Processing of personal data is undertaken for the purpose of performing a legal obligation (e.g. accounting and resolving of consumer needs).
Recipients to whom personal data is transmitted. Personal data is transferred to the online store’s Customer Support for the purpose of managing purchases and purchase history and resolving customer issues.
The Customer’s name, telephone number and e-mail are transferred to the delivery service provider selected by the Customer. In the case of goods delivered by courier, the Customer’s address in transferred in addition to the Customer’s contact details.
If the online store’ s accounting is handled by a service provider, relevant personal data is transferred to such service provider for the  purpose of performing accounting operations.
Personal data may be transferred to an information technology service provider if this is required to ensure the online store’s functionality or data hosting.

Security and access to data
Personal data is kept in ELKDATA OÜ servers located on the territory of a European Union member state or a country that has joined the European Economic Area. Data may be transferred to countries, the level of data protection of which has been assesses by the European Commission as sufficient and to US companies that have joined the Privacy Shield data protection framework.
Access to personal data is available to the online store’s staff who can view personal data so as to resolve technical issues related to the use of the online store and provide Customer Support services.
The online store implements relevant physical, organizational, and information technology related security measures to protect personal data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, and alteration or from unauthorized access and disclosure.
Transfer of personal data to the online store’s processors (e.g. delivery service provider and data hosting) is undertaken based on relevant agreement concluded between the online store and the processor. Processors are required to ensure relevant protection measures upon processing of personal data.

Viewing and rectification of personal data
The Customer can view their personal data and rectify it in their online store user profile. If a purchase was made without a user account, personal data can be viewed as intermediated by Customer Support.

Withdrawal of consent
If personal data is processed based on the Customer’s consent, the Customer has the right to withdraw such consent by informing Customer Support thereof by e-mail.

Upon closing of an online store customer account, relevant personal data is deleted, except if it is necessary to retain such data for accounting purposes or for the purpose of resolving disputes. 
If a purchase was made in the online store without a customer account, relevant purchase history is retained for three years.
In the case of disputes relating to payments and customer disputes, relevant personal data is retained until performance of the claim or until expiry of relevant limitation period.
Personal data required for accounting purposes is retained for seven years.

To have their personal data deleted, the Customer should contact Customer Support by e-mail. The request for deletion will be responded to within no later than a month, specifying the period of data deletion.

A request concerning portability of data submitted by e-mail will be responded to within no later than one month. Customer Support will verify relevant identity and inform the relevant individual of personal data subject to portability.

Direct marketing notices
E-mail addresses and telephone numbers are used to send direct marketing messages if the Customer has given their consent thereto. If the Customer does not wish to receive direct marketing messages, the Customer should click on the corresponding link at the bottom of the e-mail or contact Customer Support.
If personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes (profiling), the Customer has the right at any time to object to original as well as further processing of their personal data, including direct marketing related profiling, informing Customer Support thereof by e-mail.

Dispute resolution
Resolution of disputes related to processing of personal data is undertaken as mediated by Customer Support (shop(at),).