Oatmeal and Apples 90g

  • Vegetarian

A delicious breakfast to which fresh freeze-dried apples have been added in order to give juiciness and freshness. The product contains real 82% butter for higher nutritional value. 100% natural, without preservatives and additives. Tactical Foodpack is the best freeze-dried food for camping, hiking and outdoor adventures.

Rolled oats (72%), milk, apple (10%), butter, sugar, cinnamon, salt. May contain traces of  celery and mustard.


Energy per serving 1630 kJ / 390 kcal
Energy per 100g 1809 kJ / 431 kcal
Fat per serving 12.9 g
Fat per 100g 14.3 g
Saturated fat per serving 7 g
Saturated fat per 100g 7.8 g
Carbohydrates per serving 51 g
Carbohydrates per 100g 56.6 g
Carbohydrates sugar per serving 16 g
Carbohydrates sugar per 100g 17.8 g
Fibre per serving 7.6 g
Fibre per 100g 8.4 g
Protein per serving 13.2 g
Protein per 100g 14.6 g
Salt per serving 1.2 g
Salt per 100g 1.3 g

1 review for Oatmeal and Apples 90g

  1. Yana Strese

    For me the perfect start into the day! Delicious apple porridge with a good amount of energy, easy on the stomach, and quick to prepare.

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