“Three main components are important for survival: water, food and heat. In the case of food, it’s good to have a backup of Tactical Foodpack. 

Having been a survival instructor and having completed SF training as a survival training special, I would give the following tips,” said Sverre Puustusmaa, CEO and a founder of Tactical Foodpack.

  1. Leaving home? Always take a pocketknife and a fire starter with you. They take up little room but offer endless possibilities.
  2. Heading to the wild? Take few tampons with you – the package is waterproof and compact and you have great fire starter.
  3. Raining outside? Try to find a dead tree for the fire and peel the damp outer layer with pocket knife. Dead trees are dry inside and you can add cuts to make it more flammable.
  4. Still room in the pockets? Great, stuff pockets with birch tree bark. It’s an amazing natural fire starter and will ignite even when damp.
  5. Staying overnight? Always build yourself a shelter. If possible, put stones around the campfire, so you can use the stones later as heaters in your shelter.
  6. Staying longer? Start collecting food supplies immediately. Make traps for animals and fish a.s.a.p, as long as you have energy.
  7. Keep the fire up! Always keep the fire burning and replenish wood supplies. Plan your activities and use your energy sparingly. Don’t waste yourself on activities that won’t feed or warm you.
  8. Have Tactical Foodpack at reach! You can even heat it over a fire. Make fire or use Tactical Fire Pot. When the meal is ready, you can put the re-sealable pouch in your backpack and eat later if necessary. Re-use the empty package, you can boil water in it or use it as a waterproof bag.
  9. Can’t make fire or boil water? Tactical Heater Bag is a perfect helper. In wintertime, place Heater Bag on your backpack (not on the cold ground). If the heating element is not working, massage it in the water to make it react faster.

What are your winter hiking and survival tips?  Wrote us about it to our social media specialist: liisi@tacticalfoodpack.com or let us know at our IG or FB.