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Freeze-drying is one of the best food-preservation methods. The Indigenous peoples of the Americas living in the Andes, South America, discovered two centuries ago that if they take frozen foods higher up to the mountains, where the air pressure is lower, then the ice crystals start to vaporize, i.e. to sublime. At modern times, this method was taken into use to store food 50 years ago for the American special forces in the Vietnam War.

Our production complies with all European requirements. At first, we prepare a perfect dish, where all nutrients are in balance and that tastes just like the real homemade food should taste. We do not use unnecessary additives that would artificially increase the calorific value. The energy you receive from our food is real and gives the necessary “go” to everyone even in the most difficult conditions. The creators of our food know, how important is the home-like taste of food, when you are far away for a long time, away from your beloved ones. Therefore, we have prioritised the taste and texture of food in our products. In addition to the perfect taste, we have also paid attention to the appearance of food, as people are also eating with their eyes.
All ready-to-eat food is freeze-dried, or simply said, firstly, we freeze the food quickly and then we slowly start to raise the temperature. In this long process in a vacuum chamber, all the water is removed from food, leaving about 99.7% of all the vitamins and nutrients in the food without losing its taste and appearance. Now, if you pour water on food again, it takes its initial shape and form and tastes just as good as before.
In more extreme conditions, it is good to know that since all our dishes are pre-cooked and 100% freeze-dried, they can also be consumed without adding water, by just eating them as dry snacks. In addition, the food can also be prepared with cold water – it just takes a little longer. However, we recommend you to always eat it warm in order to get the right tasting experience.

Thanks to this special technology, we can offer a “best before” of 8 years. Even after that, the food is completely edible, as the environment created is 99.9% dry and thus, unsuitable for bacteria. However, after that time, the taste and structure of food may change a bit and in order to ensure the best quality, our preservation time is currently set to 8 years.