Terms and conditions of purchase and sale agreement

Terms and conditions of purchase and sale agreement

1. Conditions of Sale
  • The conditions of sale apply between the tacticalfoodpack.com e-store buyer (hereinafter Consumer) and Tactical Solution OÜ (hereinafter Tactical Foodpack), registration code 14046945, address Tammela 5, Viljandi, Estonia, in purchasing goods and services.
  • In addition to the present conditions the arising legal relationships when making purchases from Tactical Foodpack e-store shall be regulated by the Law of Obligations Act (hereinafter LOA), Consumer Protection Act (hereinafter CPA) and other existing legal acts of the Republic of Estonia
  • Tactical Foodpack e-store reserves its right to make amendments to the Terms and Conditions of Sale agreement. Such amendments shall be published on the website www.tacticalfoodpack.com
  • The selection of products, prices, and discounts may differ from the range, prices and discounts of products in retail stores.
2. Prices
  • All Tactical Foodpack e-store products are inclusive of VAT (20%).
  • The prices are exclusive of the price of transport that is subject to the Consumer’s choice of supply.
  • The prices shall be valid from the handling of the order to the payment period expiry (2 days after making the order).
  • Should the order be made before an amendment is made in the Conditions of Sale or the prices, the conditions that were in effect at the time of making the order shall apply.
  • Tactical Foodpack e-store reserves its right to make amendments to the Conditions of Sale. Such amendments shall be published on the website www.tacticalfoodpack.com
3. Making an Order
  • Add the goods into the Shopping Cart.
  • In order to make an order click “Make an Order” in the Cart.
  • Fill in the required fields in the form, choose preferred method of delivery, and click the “Make an Order” button. The screen will then display the invoice that is payable by a bank link or credit card.
  • It is important that you enter the information correctly as this ensures a smooth and ontime delivery of the chosen goods as well as the settling of dispute resolutions.
  • All e-store orders are handled from Monday to Friday (10:00 – 17:00). If an order is placed on Friday after 14:00, the order will be handled on the coming Monday.
4. Concluding a Purchase and Sales Transaction
  • The Contract of Sale binds the e-store Tactical Foodpack to hand over the goods to the Consumer and undertake the transfer of ownership of goods to the Consumer; the Consumer undertakes to pay the e-store Tactical Foodpack as stated on the invoice and accept the goods.
  • If the Consumer has not paid for the goods indicated in an order in the course of 2 days, the order shall be cancelled and no purchase or sales transaction shall be concluded.
  • A purchase and sales transaction shall be considered concluded from the moment the invoice has been paid and the full sum indicated on the invoice has reached Tactical Solution back account.
5. Delivery of Goods
  • After concluding the sales contract the e-store Tactical Foodpack shall complete the order by handing over the goods to its logistics partner or it is possible to pick up the goods themselves at the address of Tammela 5, Viljandi, in case you have chosen the option „Pick up the goods myself“.
  • The delivery deadlines on the website are valid from the moment the payment has been received on Tactical Foodpack bank account.
  • It is important to enter correct and valid delivery details in order for the goods to arrive without delay.
  • E-store Tactical Foodpack is not responsible for a situation in which goods have been delivered to the logistics partner at an appropriate time, but the goods are delayed due to a misunderstanding or circumstance that couldn’t have been foreseen by Tactical Foodpack.
  • All e-store orders are handled from Monday to Friday (10:00 – 17:00). If an order is placed on Friday after 14:00, the order will be handled on the coming Monday.
  • In case of international deliveries, the speed of delivery depends on the delivery company and can take up to 14 days. Deliveries within Europe typically take 3-5 working days, within Estonia about 1-3 working days from dispatch.
  • The cost of modes of supply to the chosen destination is presented in “Make an Order” section before making the payment.
  • In case of international deliveries, the price depends on the destination of origin. We deliver our goods worldwide. In case of larger orders (50 pcs and more) please contact info@tacticalfoodpack.com, and we will organise a more convenient and cheaper offer of delivery.
  • Our shipping partners are Omniva (Estonian Post), DPD and Itella.
6. Withdrawal from Purchase and Sales Contract
  • The Consumer has the right to withdraw from a purchase and sales agreement within 14 days from receiving the notification of delivery to Itella SmartPost, Omniva, or DPD parcel terminal, or the local postal office. In case of using a carrier service, the same applied within 14 days from receiving the goods.
  • In order to withdraw and/or replace the goods the Consumer is expected to send an e-mail to info@tacticalfoodpack.com. This enables us to find the best solution for the withdrawal and/or replacement.
  • The Consumer will cover transport costs related to the returning of the goods. E-store Tactical Foodpack will cover the transport costs of the delivery of the replacement goods.
  • The Consumer has the right to return the goods only in case the goods have not been damaged, deteriorated, or used, and are in original packaging.
  • If the goods (and/or their packaging) being returned by the Consumer have deteriorated or been damaged, Tactical Foodpack holds the right to decline the withdrawal.
  • If the Consumer has withdrawn from a purchase and sales agreement in due diligence, Tactical Foodpack will return the Consumer the cost of the goods.
7. Force Majeure
  • E-store Tactical Foodpack shall not be responsible for failures to fulfill any obligations due to causes beyond its control. 
8. Processing Personal Data  
  • The Consumer grants the e-store the right to process and store the personal data entered by the Consumer (name, phone number, delivery and/or home address, e-mail address) and forward the such data to its logistics partner.
  • The e-store shall hold a right to use the delivery / home address to forward promotional material related to its products to the Consumer.
  • The Consumer has a right to disclaim the collecting and processing of personal data, except if it is required to fulfil and deliver an order or recovery of a claim arising from the agreement.
  • The use of personal data for direct mail is allowed only in case the Consumer has allowed this on the webpage www.tacticalfoodpack.com.
  • Encrypted data when paying for goods and services through banks ensures Consumer’s bank information security and the e-store lacks access to any such data.
9. Complaints and Consumer’s Right to Turn to Consumer Protection Board
  • In case of complaints about the e-store or its goods the Consumer should send an e-mail on the following address: info@tacticalfoodpack.com or call: +372 5304 4001
  • If the e-store has refused to settle a complaint from the Consumer or the Consumer does not agree with the solution proposed by the e-store and finds that their rights have been violated or interests damaged, the Consumer may file a complaint with the Consumer Complaints Commission through the Consumer Protection Board or turn to the court. Consumers can file complaints themselves or through a representative. Information about the Consumer Protection Commission can be found on the website of the Consumer Protection Board. For the settlement of problems arising in the Member States of the European Union, contact the European Consumer Centre.
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