Freeze-drying technology


Freeze-drying technology

Freeze-drying is one of the best and most innovative ways of preserving food. Already two centuries ago the South American native people in the Andes discovered that taking frozen foods to higher altitudes with lower air-pressure will make ice crystals evaporate or sublime. Freeze-drying takes place through sublimation that transforms the substance directly from the solid to gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid phase. Freeze-drying will preserve the natural taste, smell, appearance, and nutrition of the produce. Thanks to the small water content of the produce, there is no need to add preservatives. Such technology enables to preserve the food for longer periods without losing its quality. Depending on the process of production and packaging it is possible to extend the shelf-life up to 25 years. U.S. Special Forces adopted the particular technology already 25 years ago.

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